Our entrepise

Trademat, founded in 2008, is an international enterprise, specialized in assets selling. Headquartered in Spain, Trademat has an over 300.000 clients network all over the world.

Deeply linked with professionals, Trademat’s main objective is to manage the assets of companies in liquidation, cooperating with insolvency administrators. We give our customers the assurance of a high quality service and of a very fast sale.

While transparency is an essential part of a business, our buyers are positioned in the heart of the transfer process, and have free access to the information linked to their acquisitions. More over, we are able to offer them unbeatable prices.

Luis Maria Barbero Arnaiz :

Responsible of procurement and supplier relations.

Entrepreneur for over 15 years, he has an extensive experience in the sectors of industry and in international trade. Resident in countries such as France, China, Bangladesh or Portugal, Luis Maria acquired a great knowledge of sales' network / purchases abroad.

Linked to his personal experience, his knowledge allows him to advise our clients clearly and precisely. Furthermore, Luis Maria was responsible for leasing and asset sales companies, such as "Grupo Popular or Lico Leasing."

Christian Tremsal :

Responsible of sales and customers relationship.

Having been an entrepreneur in Africa and head of international sales for over 20 years, which brings to the company his great knowledge of African networks, and import-export strategies.

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